What is a doula?

A doula, otherwise referred to as labor support,  is professionally trained to support women through pregnancy, labor and birth.  A doula is trained to offer educated support, support the birthing mom in her decisions and birth plan, physical support before and during the birth.   A doula is not a replacement for your birthing partner but a support to your birthing partner as well as the laboring mom.  A doula supports you the birthing mother and her partner and does not make any medical decisions or perform any medical procedures.  The doulas purpose is to help the mother have a safe, memorable, empowering, memorable birth.  Most doula-client relationships begin a few months before the birth.  During this time, a friendship is formed.  During this time we discus the mothers fears, concerns, excitement and her birth plan.  As a doula, I will make myself available to the mother to answer her questions and concerns and be on call for the impending birth. 


why should I  consider having a Doula at my birth

There are many amazing benefits of having a doula at your birth.  A doula has spent hours training to support you during your special time.  Birth is a wonderful, amazing, empowering experience and every birth is different, every birth is scary, every birth is messy.  


As a doula,

  • We are trained to be the mothers advocate in her wishes,

  • We are trained to support the mother through breathing techniques

  • We are trained in the best and latest birthing positions. 

  • We are trained in relaxation techniques and massage. 

  • Doulas can also help encourage support from the birthing partner

A doulas goals, 

  • To advocate for the mother

  • To help the mother achieve her goals whether they be with our without pain managements or any other specific wishes she might have before or during her labor. 

  • To achieve a empowering, positive and safe birth whether it be a natural vaginal birth or caesarian section.

  • To encourage and support you through breastfeeding

  • Intensify bonding between the mother and baby as well as between father and baby

  • To take pressure off of the birthing partner so he/she can enjoy the birth 

  • To help the birthing partner better support mother during labor if he/she desires to do so 

Studies have shown that having a doula as a member of the birth team decreases the overall cesarean rate by 50%, the length of labor by 25%, the use of oxytocin by 40%, and requests for an epidural by 60%.

What is the fathers/Birthing Partners role if I have a doula

A doula is never a replacement for the father or birthing partner's role.   By having a doula on your birth team, it frees up the father or birthing partner to enjoy the birth and choose to do what he/she wants to do.   By having a doula, it can free up the birthing partner to support the mother through emotional moments and be able to enjoy the moment of birth without the added pressure.  A doula can also help the father support and encourage the mother during birth.  The role of the father/birthing partner is one that can never be replaced but rather intensify the care and love between them. 

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